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Ready to discuss your CMMC compliance initiative? We'd love to show you how Rizkly gets you there with certainty & efficiency. 

The Effective & Efficient Path for CMMC 

Rizkly Helps You Achieve & Maintain CMMC Compliance 

Trusted by  Government and DoD Contractors 

CMMC Compliance Software with Options for Advisory  

Achieve Demonstrate CMMC Compliance,  Reduce the Disruption

Recognizing that smaller defense contractors often do not have in-house security and compliance resources, Rizkly delivers a CMMC solution that gives you efficiency and peace of mind for any security or compliance initiative. Your subscription includes our Cloud-based SaaS compliance application as well as dedicated Rizkly cyber and compliance advisors who work with you to demonstrate CMMC compliance while improving your staff's security and compliance acumen.

Choosing Rizkly provides your organization with an effective and affordable solution for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).  You gain experienced CMMC advisory from certified NIST & FedRAMP Assessors that partner with you to develop a plan for success, and provides the appropriate support and expertise to achieve CMMC certification. 

The Rizkly team draws upon over 30 years of experience in enterprise software AND security and compliance advisory engagements for NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, SOC and FedRAMP. Together with a powerful compliance platform,  our advisors, or your own experts, knock down the hurdles that challenge organizations faced with cybersecurity compliance mandates. Rizkly brings the commitment, expertise and modern compliance technology so you can demonstrate CMMC compliance with less budget and organizational impact. 

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When you engage with Rizkly for CMMC compliance certification, we will not send you a questionnaire to complete.  We will pick up the phone and call you so that we better understand your organization, your environment, and where you are in your journey.  

Option to Purchase Monthly Hours of Dedicated Expert Advisory

Securely Integrate Advisors, Suppliers and Assessors into Your Project

Assign Task Owners, Streamline & Organize Evidence Collection 

Manage  & Track CMMC-Related Tasks & Artifacts in One Secure Place

One-Click Generation of SSPs, Scoring and Status Reports 

Incident Response, Policies & Procedures tailored specifically for CMMC v2

CMMC v2 Ready, Levels 1-3 with 800-171 and SPRS Scoring 

Budget-Friendly with Integrated Awareness, Risk & Incident Response

Supports FedRAMP, SOC, PCI, HIPAA, ISO and Others to Eliminate Redundancy

Policy & Procedures Tailored for CMMC & 800-171