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Achieve & Sustain 800-171 Compliance

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Demonstrate 800-171Compliance,  Reduce the Disruption

Recognizing that smaller contractors often do not have in-house security and compliance resources, Rizkly delivers an affordable and effective 800-171 solution that gives you peace of mind for cybersecurity compliance. Your subscription includes our cloud SaaS compliance application as well as a dedicated Rizkly compliance expert who works with you to achieve 800-171 compliance while improving your staff's security and compliance acumen.

Choosing Rizkly provides your organization with an effective and affordable solution for NIST 800-171 compliance.  You gain experienced 800-171 expert assistance from certified NIST & FedRAMP Assessors that partner with you to develop a plan for success, ensure ongoing project rigor and provide the appropriate level of support to achieve 800-171 compliance. 

Rizkly draws upon our extensive experience with NIST, SOC and FedRAMP advisory and assessor engagements to knock down the hurdles that small and mid-sized organizations face with NIST-based cybersecurity compliance. We bring the commitment, expertise and a secure compliance software to help you efficiently achieve 800-171 compliance while lessening the impact on your budget and personnel.  

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When you engage with Rizkly for 800-171 compliance, we will not send you a questionnaire to complete.  We will pick up the phone and call you so that we better understand your organization, your environment, and where you are in your journey.  

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